Building Developments

The last twelve months at Salesian College Chadstone have been largely dominated by refurbishments. The Fedrigotti Science Wing in particular, is latest and largest financial commitment that Salesian College has seen since the building of the Year 9 Mannix Campus in 2004. The state-of-the-art Science Wing has been designed to:

  • Promote cutting-edge 21st Century learning
  • Separate theory and practical zones to facilitate independent and collaborative learning
  • Achieve an eco-friendly design, incorporating increased natural light, open and comfortable spaces with minimal use of heating and cooling
  • Integrate audio-visual and contemporary information technology systems and a hearing augmentation system for teacher comfort and student enhancement
  • Encourage enquiry and experiential learning

Planning has begun on the next refurbishment which will in turn become the largest building project in the College’s 57 year history. The existing Naylon Arts Wing will be redesigned to include the Art Department, gathering spaces, offices and general purpose classrooms. In addition to providing cutting-edge facilities this will provide areas for events as well as modernising the west end of the campus.
Working more than ever before, Salesian College Chadstone is working to inspire and educate so our boys become great men.

Jack Palumbo
Business Manager