Recently the College had contact from the Executive Director of the Bus Association of Victoria. The information related to the importance of students using their MYKI cards effectively to assist all in the provision of services. The full details of the information are as follows:

‘From Monday 27 May 2013 the sale and top up of myki cards will commence on metropolitan buses. Bus drivers will sell and top up MYKI cards. A Full Fare myki costs $6. A Concession, Child or Seniors myki costs $3.

If a student purchases a myki on board the bus for immediate travel they must also top up with myki money at the same time. The student will then need to touch on their myki for that trip.

Students must purchase or top up their mykis with cash. The minimum top up is $1 and the maximum top up is $20. EFTPOS or credit cards are not accepted for top up on board buses. Students with invalid mykis or negative balance

Any student who does not have a valid myki (e.g. their myki is defective or cannot be topped up), shall be requested by the driver to purchase and top up a myki on board and directed to a staffed railway station or the PTV Call Centre 1800 800 007 to resolve any issues with their defective card.

If a student presents a myki with a negative balance, the driver will request the holder to top up the myki with sufficient money so it can be touched on for travel.

A myki which cannot be touched on for any reason is not valid for travel.’

John Visentin
Deputy Principal – Students and Staff