Cambodia Building Project

Thank you to the Salesian College community (staff, students, parent and friends) for your wonderful support of the Cambodia Building Project over the past 12 months.

Through your support, you have made an enormous difference to a poor village community near Siem Reap. Your efforts have raised over $12,000!

The money has been sent directly to PAPA Organisation (check it out) in Cambodia (thanks to Amor for her expert support in this regard).

So far, we have financed the following:

  • $5,000 for the building of a house in the village (our focus when Ryan, Ben and I go there soon)
  • $2,600 for 2 toilet blocks (the first 2 to be built in the village!) This means a much healthier lifestyle for the villagers (especially the young children)
  • $800 for a solar panel (providing energy for 3 x 80Watt globes to a household with no power – thanks to Kim’s Tour de French Island project)
  • $300 for livestock – chickens, ducks (again, thanks to Kim’s project)
  • $1300 for livestock, mango and avocado plants and rice for food during the monsoons
  • The $2,000 remaining amount will be kept in the ‘kitty’ account for future use (determined by the PAPA coordinator) when met in Siem Reap.

Once again, thank you for your support!

Fr Peter Monaghan