Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund Dairy Assistance Funding

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund Dairy Assistance Funding

• The Victorian Government implemented a response package to assist dairy farming families. This included assistance for primary and secondary students attending schools where one or both parents:

  • Own an operating dairy farm
  • Are share farmers on a property primarily operating as a dairy farm
  • Hold a lease for an operating dairy farm
  • Work as an employee on an operating dairy farm and this is their main source of employment.

• Dairy assistance payment is a one-off amount of $375 per student that will be paid to schools.

• Families who were eligible for the means tested CSEF payment are also eligible to receive the Dairy Assistance payment. However families that have previously qualified for the CSEF drought assistance funding are not able to also access the CSEF dairy assistance funding.

• Parents can apply for the dairy assistance funding by completing an application form and lodging it at the school by 18 November 2016.

Please contact the finance office or visit for more information.