Career News – Issue 1 2016




You have just come back to school and if you are reading this, chances are that you are thinking about exploring your career and pathway options. It’s never too early to start thinking about career ideas and researching your options.

If you are in Year 12, it is essential that you discuss your options with the key people in your life as soon as possible. Have no idea what you would like to do when you leave school? No stress!

As a starting point, if you are interested in studying at university or TAFE in the future, please find to the right links to Facebook and YouTube accounts of several Victorian institutions.

It is important to know that Swinburne University, RMIT, Victoria University, and Federation University have both university and TAFE divisions and that many TAFE institutes offer university degrees!



University of Melbourne



Monash University-



Deakin University-



La Trobe University-



Victoria University-





Federation University-



Box Hill Institute-


Swinburne University-


Australia Catholic University-




The Good Universities Guide: assists young people to make informed decisions about university study in Australia. The guide contains information about what a degree is, what you can study and where, and contains independent 5-star ratings and comparisons of courses and providers,

The Job Guide: provides comprehensive information on hundreds of occupations. For each occupation, you can find out what you do on a day to day basis, what school subjects you need, where you can study courses related to the occupation, and state specific information. It is an excellent guide for young people and their parents,

Australian Apprenticeship Pathways: This is a fantastic website for anyone who is interested in pursuing an apprenticeship, traineeship or school based apprenticeship,

Myfuture: is a comprehensive site that gives students and parents information on occupations, industries, scholarships, courses, and careers etc. There are videos, quizzes and a mini career explorer to help you narrow down your options. To explore the site, go to

Australian Defence Force Careers: This is an excellent website for anyone considering a career in the Army, Navy or Air Force,



Which degree should you choose? How do you choose a university degree you will be passionate about? There are hundreds of different courses in Australia and you can combine degrees together at some universities. Australia National University has developed a fantastic video to help you consider how to choose a degree,

Applying for Medicine/ Dentistry/ Oral Health/ Optometry?

If are applying for any of these health science courses, you may need to sit the Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test (UMAT).

This is a three-part test that you sit in July 2016 and selected universities use your UMAT score as part of the selection process, in conjunction with your ATAR and in some cases an interview.

You will be tested on the following- logical reasoning and problem solving, understanding people and non verbal reasoning.

You will only have one chance to sit the UMAT this year- the test will be held Wednesday 27 July. You must be in Year 12 and you must register online to sit the test by 5pm 3 June.

It is important that you start to prepare for the test early. There are several private companies who offer commercial preparation programs – and are examples.

It is important to note that the universities who use the UMAT do not endorse any of these companies and you will receive free preparation materials once you register for the test (registration is now open).

Please go to more information about the UMAT and to see if you have to sit the test.

You can also join the ACER UMAT Facebook page to keep up to date with key information,


Interested in design? Several private institutes in Melbourne offer design courses. They are specialist education providers in that they offer only design-based courses. They have higher fees than government funded institutions and students can access FEE-HELP to assist with course costs.


  • Tractor: offer courses in graphic design, website development, digital media and photoimaging,


  • Billy Blue: offer courses in branded fashion, communication design, interior design (commercial & residential), 3D design & animation, interaction design, and motion design,


  • Whitehouse Institute of Design: offer courses in fashion design, interior design and creative direction & styling,


  • Academy of Design Australia: offer courses in interior design, communication design, fashion & costume design, filmmaking & photography, graphic & digital design, and visual arts,


Careers in the automotive industry: Know you want to work in the auto industry, but not sure which occupation would suit you best?The Auto Skills Australia website has information about various automotive occupations.Go to

Careers in the Defence Force: There are many occupations in the Defence Force that you may be suited to. Your ability to apply for the occupation of your choice will be effected by your level of education, the subjects you have studied at school, your age, and your gender. To narrow down which occupations you can apply for, use the Defence Force “Job Finder”. You just enter your personal details and select your general career interest areas and a list of jobs will be generated. Go to

Are you interested in Journalism? Twelve secondary school students run the ‘Under Age’ website which is a collaboration between The Age Newspaper and Express Media. You can visit the website regularly to read topical articles and there may be an opportunity in the future to

Victoria Police Internship: Law students at Victoria University have access to a 10-week internship with the Legal Services Department and Prosecutions Division of Victoria Police. A small number of students will be selected each year to undertake placements in a variety of police specialist areas including:

  • Melbourne Prosecutions Unit
  • Research and Training Unit
  • Civil Advocacy Unit
  • Commissions and Inquiries Division, and
  • Police Coronial Support Unit


High achieving Year 12 students who receive a place in the University, are eligible for the Chancellor’s Scholarship which is $20,000 over four years.

For more information on the Law program at VU, go to


Have you considered a career in Forensic Science? Then you should attend the next Forensic Science Careers Information Day on Friday 1 April, at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM), Southbank.

Work at the VIFM includes:

  • Forensic pathology
  • Clinical forensic medicine
  • Medico-legal death investigation
  • Paternity testing
  • Forensic science services
  • Preparing coroners reports
  • Offering expert opinions on a range of issues


You will receive information on careers in the industry, but you will not be able to participate in a tour of the building. There are limited spaces available so you will need to register quickly. For more information and to register, go to

Science in the City, RMIT: You and your parents will be able to learn about the science programs on offer at RMIT, which include biology, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental science, food science, nanotechnology and physics.

You will also be able to undertake a laboratory tour at the City campus and speak to lecturers about how you can broaden your career options and give yourself a competitive edge. The date will be Wednesday 30 March. For more information and to register, go to

La Trobe University – ‘Experience La Trobe’: These events are designed especially for future students to get a taste of what it’s like to be a La Trobe student for a day. You will be able to:

  • Chat with staff and students
  • Participate in structured workshops focused on your desired career/course
  • Meet student ambassadors and talk to them about studying at La Trobe

You can participate in workshops across a huge range of areas- this is an event not to be missed. Upcoming dates are as follows:

  • Melbourne – 31 March

For more information and to book your workshops, please go to

Monash University- ‘Inside Monash Seminars’. These events showcase different faculties within the University. The seminars run over several months and students have to book in advance.

The following seminars are running in March:

  • 9: Business and Economics
  • 10: Science
  • 15: Arts (Science & Humanities)


For more information and to register, go to


Interested in Nursing? The Australian College of Nursing is hosting a Nursing and Health Expo on Saturday 16 April at The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre between 9am – 1pm. You will be able to


  • Meet a range of nursing and health organisations
  • Explore career pathways
  • Find out about educational opportunities

For more information, go to

VET and Agriculture Science Open Day: The Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Melbourne is hosting this Open Day on Saturday 19 March, 10.00am – 3.00pm, 250 Princes Hwy, Werribee, Victoria.

You will be able to explore the popular Bachelor of Agriculture and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programs, explore careers in science, veterinary nursing, and equine studies and tour the world class Veterinary Teaching Hospital. For more information and to reserve your place, go to

A Day at Melbourne University: You will be able to find out about courses at the University of Melbourne on Friday 1 April. You can learn about:

  • Undergraduate degrees and graduate pathways at Melbourne
  • Admissions and entry requirements
  • Access Melbourne and Melbourne Scholarships
  • Accommodation options
  • How parents can help with the transition to university.


You will also be able to participate in a session focusing on the course you are interested in. To register, go to


Interested in Engineering? Engineers Australia has a fantastic Facebook site that students can join. You will be able to keep up to date with developments in Australian and global engineering, conferences and information sessions, and gain ideas about different occupations in engineering,

What type of engineering would you be suited to? RMIT has developed a quiz to assist you to discover what type of engineering you would like to study (e.g., civil, mechanical, chemical). You can take the test here –

UMAT Simulation Day: Students in Year 12 interested in applying for medicine, dentistry, or optometry will need to sit the compulsory UMAT examination. National Institute of Education (NIE) will be conducting a UMAT preparation workshop on Friday 8 April at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. Students in Years 10 and 11 can also register, but it’s important to note they cannot sit the UMAT until they are in Year 12. Spaces are limited. Please register at

Short courses in arts at RMIT: RMIT offers an array of short and single courses taught by experienced lecturers and established artists. Courses include photography, drawing, lithography, sculpture, jewellery, casting, and molding etc. RMIT also offer folio preparation courses for VCE students. For more information, go to

Monash University- website just for parents: Monash has a dedicated site for parents who would like to help their children in the transition from school to university. This website helps to provide a good idea of what students are going through, from choosing the right course to adjusting to university life,

What is studying science at Monash University like? Monash has developed a series of videos to enable prospective students to hear from academics and learn about their stories and passions. To access the clips, go to

Do you love working with computers, science and solving problems? Have you considered studying data science? In our day and age we are using and storing massive amounts of data and this will only increase in the future. Data science fundamentally deals with how we will store and analyse data in the future.

The following has been taken from the Swinburne University website: “Data science is an opportunity to explore new kinds of data and new tools for processing it. You’ll learn how to manipulate and process data in order to extract information and establish truths. Data science spans the use and processing of data across diverse fields, including modelling for supercomputing or astrophysics. Or you could work with metadata, a field that will require data to be processed in ways we’ve never even considered”.

Data Science is an exciting study area and there will be many jobs available in the future.

You may consider studying data science at the following Victorian universities

To explore career options, go to the Careers with Code website,

Pre apprenticeships: If you are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship pathway and are unsure about continuing on at school this year, you may want to enrol in a pre apprenticeship. Contact your local TAFE institution to ask about the programs they have available. You can undertake pre apprenticeships in areas such as bricklaying, building, plumbing, electrical, automotive, community services, beauty etc.

Global Studies at Monash University: Global Studies aims to create graduates capable of tackling the most important challenges facing world communities. The Arts Faculty at Monash is hosting the annual Global Studies Welcome Lecture on Wednesday 2 March at the Clayton campus. For information and to book your place, go to