Caritas Leadership Day

“To love thy neighbour like thy iPhone.”  The Caritas Leadership Day was attended by senior students who truly aspire to make the community we live in a better place. Megan, the representative of Caritas, enlightened us about the many works that Caritas aids in. More importantly, she inspired us to do the same in our schools, enabling us to form creative and innovative ways to raise awareness about the injustices of the world.  Alongside many other schools that attended the day, we diligently discussed the key issues that were present in our community, and as a group we innovated new ideas to raise awareness of issues such as poverty and homelessness.  A stand out Social Justice idea that was put forward by our Salesian representatives was a bake sale, however accompanied with every cupcake was a unique statement that raised awareness of a particular injustice. Another key idea that was the product of our brainstorm was ‘Salesian Day, which may be further developed and put into action in Term Three. A special thanks to Mr McGarry and Miss Tsiavis for accompanying our Salesian representatives on the day. Overall, our Salesian representatives will have a greater understanding of the injustices occurring, and how we can tackle these injustices in our community.

Patrick Lov
Social Justice Captain