Caritas Report

On Tuesday 4 March, Dohwn Kim, Jeremiah Nicolas and Mr McGarry went to the launch presentation of the Project Compassion Caritas program. Project Compassion has been going on in Australia for around 5 decades and this year’s project compassion is focused on the slum town of Sao Paulo in the country of ‘Brazil’. Sao Paulo is a dark and cramped place and favelas are often built on land affected by floods and landslides, or close to roads and train lines. Many locals face discrimination from the wider community. This year’s launching program was held in the Deakin Theatre which is placed in the Federation Square. Many schools including Salesian College Chadstone joined the program which was very pleasing to see. For the presentation, we were lucky to meet Archbishop Heart who visited to bless the project. Also, there was a visitor from Brazil who is working for project compassion with us named ‘Andre’ to answer some questions for us. The presentation included this year’s aim and goal for the project. Archbishop prayed for the project to go well. After the presentation finished, we were lucky enough to have our photo taken with Andrea and asked him his secret to working in Brazil. He answered ‘Because it is fun’ and ‘it is our job to help our people’. After hearing such generous words from him, we too were pleased that we were helping project Compassion meet the needs of others. Please help us help others throughout Term 1.

Dowhon Kim and Jeremiah Nichols
Social justice Captain and Ambassador for Faith and Mission