Casual Clothes Success

Mid-March is when SACs are kicking in and things start to get serious for everyone. To lighten the mood and raise funds for Project Compassion, we held our traditional ‘Casual Clothes Day’ in an effort to rustle up more funds and have a bit of fun, read more…

The day’s theme was “Football”. It was nice to see many boys in their favourite football team shirts to celebrate the opening of a new AFL season. I wonder which team is going to win this season. (“Go Pies!” said Mr Wang.)

Because of the many generous boys who opened up their wallet to help the funds, we were able to raise $789.00 which is a massive step forward to our goal of this year: Raising $7,000 to help Caritas. So far we are almost at the halfway, so if we work a bit harder, reaching that goal won’t take us long.

Also congratulation to the class of 8G who won the trivia quiz contest made by our beautiful leadership clans. I hope you will enjoy your prize.

We will be back with more events later…stay tuned!

Dohwon Kim
Social Justice Captain