Catholic Education Week

This week is Catholic Education Week! As a way of celebrating the College Community is participating in the following events:

  • The Year 11 Leaders will attend the Archbishop’s consultation with Youth
  • The Year 10 Leaders will attend the Young Speakers Colloquium
  • The newly elected Year 7 Leaders will attend the St Patrick’s Mass on St Patrick’s Day
  • All students will participate in the ‘In the year of Mercy’ Reconciliation Services. In their year level groups each boy participated in a prayer service which included an Examination of Conscience. Then they were all offered the opportunity to attend the Individual Sacrament of reconciliation; which many of the boys took on board
  • All Staff were invited to attend a special morning tea in the staff room on Friday 18 March; and
  • All students received a sweet treat in Oratory on Friday 18 March

Through SIMON messages, Staff and Students were also provided with historical facts about Catholic Education in Australia

Happy Catholic Education Week!

Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission