Changes to Pastoral Structures and Timetable

After much discussion, research and planning Salesian College has undertaken changes to its Pastoral Structures and Timetable for 2015.

Pastoral Structures
The staff of Salesian College aim to provide the best care and support for the boys in our care. The tradition passed to us from our founder St John Bosco is to walk with the young as they grow and develop in all aspects of their lives. 21st Century learning, from a Christian, Catholic and Salesian perspective, encompasses the nurturing of the whole person including their spiritual, emotional, social, physical and academic development. Accordingly, all aspects of the College’s endeavours to minister to the young should therefore have this holistic approach.
With this aim in mind the staff at the College has developed a new Pastoral Care Program that we believe will enhance the role of the pastoral teacher, reinforce and support Religious Education and Personal Development and address previous existing timetable and structural issues.

The Pastoral Structure at Salesian College, Chadstone will now be organised in Year Levels from 7 – 12 with a Year Level Coordinator leading each Year Level. Each homeroom in the Year Level will be called an Oratory group under the care of a teacher who is the Oratory Leader. The word Oratory comes from the name Don Bosco gave to his early gatherings of young people in Turin which provided a home, a playground and a place for learning for young people. We strive to provide such a setting in our Oratory groups in 2015 too with the Oratory Leader teaching their class and being the person who has primary responsibility for their development for the year. Parents are encouraged to discuss any issues with their son’s Oratory Leader.

Year Level Coordinators in 2015

 Year 7: Mr Byron Chen
 Year 8: Mr Steve Beckham
 Year 9: Mr Steven Loonstra
 Year 10: Mr Ron Lok
 Year 11: Mrs Rhea Beurs
 Year 12: Mr Chris Pye



The Timetable has undergone a number of changes for 2015. The details are as follows:
•    10 day timetable
•    40 min lessons
•    8 periods per day
•    More doubles
•    8:45am start
•    3:15finish
•    Earlier Recess and Lunch breaks

School Day Overview
The School day will now have the following timeline:

Period  Start Time
1  8:45am
2  9:25am
3  10:05am
Recess  10:45am
4  11:07am
5  11:47am
Lunch  12:27pm
6  1:15pm
7  1:55pm
8  2:35pm
End  3:15pm


These changes have been instituted to provide us greater flexibility in delivering the curriculum and allows us to minimise disruptions to classes from such things as assemblies and meetings.

With academic classes starting at 8:45am it has never been more critical for boys to be on time for school each morning as late arrival will inevitably mean missing out on learning. Teachers will be reinforcing this to boys at the start of the year.

Please note that Week 1 of each term in 2015 will correspond to Week 1 of the new timetable. Therefore the first day of teaching for all boys on Monday 2 February will correspond to Day 6 of our timetable since it is Week 2 of Term 1.

On sport days (Tuesday for 9 & 10, Wednesday 11 & 12 and Thursday 7 & 8) boys undertaking sport will be dismissed from school at the end of P7, 2:35pm. Boys will be able to go home at this time unless he has been selected for an ACC representative team which will usually have longer games, particularly with away matches. Parents may elect to take advantage of our supervised study lessons during this time so that boys will be dismissed at the normal 3:15pm time. Forms will be provided for this purpose during the first days of term.

We will be seeking feedback from Students, Parents and Staff on these changes as we review and improve the services we provide later in the year but please feel free to discuss any concerns with your son’s Oratory Leader or Year Level Coordinator in the first instance.

John Visentin
Deputy Principal