Chess Club

The Chess Club began meeting this week with nearly 30 boys gathering to play friendly games. This year, we are expanding our meeting times. Boys will now be able to play every lunch-time except Fridays using new boards and pieces which were purchased late last year. Please note that all boys are welcome and that training will be given to players who are new to the sport. In Terms Two and Three, former Australian Chess Champion, Mr Robert Jamieson, will be returning to the College to offer free chess tuition to the boys and to help our squads prepare for the ACC Chess Tournaments. The 2013 Chess Captain, Alex Arnold, is in good early season form as are Year 10 stalwarts Noel Crouch and Carter Kulikovskis. However, Mike Zhao and our New Zealand recruit, William Ryoo, are likely to push Alex, Carter and Noel for the prestigious top boards at the ACC championships. Well done to the following boys for participating in the Chess Club this week: Jed Li, Naveen Amarendra, Brian Lee, John Avila, Mike Zhao, Ethan Childs, Antonio Bottalico, John Requizo, Jonathan Bong, Mun Ng, Aaron Soa, Kenny Tran, Thang Quach, Tanmai Bellamkonda, Samuel Vanderhorst, Rohit Valanki, Joseph Cefai, Christopher Beltran, Jose Box, Alex Arnold, Todd Kingston, Noel Crouch, Carter Kulikovskis, William Ryoo, Thomas Inglis, Eamon Perkins and Sushant Shakya.

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal – Learning and Curriculum