Child Protection at Salesian College

The safety of the boys in our care is our highest priority. Recently the Victorian Government has released new guidelines to ensure that the safety of children is paramount. The changes in the ministerial order are being implemented at the College and all aspects of this will soon be available to parents via our website.

Victorian Child Safe Standards
These Standards are designed to improve the way all organisations that provide services to children, including schools, prevent and respond to child abuse. These Standards are ‘principle based’ laws which means that, whilst they have the force of law, how the Standards are applied in practice is open to interpretation and will depend largely on the size, nature and complexity of the organisation that is seeking to comply with the Standards.

An explanation of the Victorian Child Safe Standards can be found here.

To provide a higher level of guidance for schools the Minister of Education has published Ministerial Order 870 under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) that contains requirements that all registered schools must meet to comply with each of the Child Safe Standards.

A copy of the ministerial order is available here.

In respect of this order, all policies and procedures will be analysed and reconsidered to ensure they meet the requirements of the Ministerial Order. This will involve training and compliance measures for all people who are in direct contact with student at our school including volunteers and Third Party Contractors as well as staff.

An important aspect of this to note is that the order requires all people over the age of 18 to be compliant in relation to reporting known cases of child abuse to a Child Protection Officer, meaning that many of our senior students will be bound by the provisions of the order. The implications of this will be explained to our students through our Oratory program.

A statement from the Catholic Education Office is available here.

The Child Protection Program was launched with all staff on July 28th 2016 and affected people will begin to engage with the compliance measures immediately.

As the Child Protection Program is rolled out over the year, further updates of our progress will be made available to all in our community.


Mr Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal – Students