Class of 2007, Ten Year Reunion

As I scan the pages of the 2007 Year Book, the year the College celebrated 50 years, I am reminded of the very purpose of Salesian College, ‘to enable our students to grow as good Christians and honest citizens’. In Father Chris Ford’s opening statement, he states that Salesian College ‘is planning for a future that continues to focus upon the learning and wellbeing of students, the integration of technologies into the learning process and the ongoing development of contemporary learning spaces’. In 2017, as we celebrate our 60 Year Anniversary, I reflect on his words….and it would seem that the dreams we had for our boys and our school have certainly come true.

On Thursday 23 November we celebrated our 10 Year Reunion with the boys of the Class 2007. What a wonderful night it was! We reminisced about their years at the College and the teachers who had made such a great impact on them, and celebrated the wonderful young men they have become! It was most interesting to hear about their journeys after leaving us all those years ago; the decisions they made, the adventures they have been on and the things they have learnt about themselves along the way. They too reflected on their days here and recalled the lessons they had learnt, and what Salesian meant to them (and still does). Some then felt the need to apologise for anything they may have done as teenagers that might have been upsetting to anyone! I laughed, and responded that I could not remember any of them being anything but beautiful young gentlemen! As one young man said, “Miss (they still found it difficult to call me Nadia), we were either really good, or so bad you have erased it from your memory!”

Some key memories from the night:

Raymond and Felix Cheng…. I still can’t tell them apart!

Thomas Nelson grew even taller

Beau Flanders is an awesome conversationalist and hard worker

Jason D’Souza…What a beard! I think he has been growing it since he left in 2007

Hamish Patel completed an Accounting degree and is now working successfully in the refrigeration trade

Joel Wheeler is wheeling and dealing in the sport betting field

Reginald D’Souza completed an Engineering degree, worked in the mines up north for 6 years and is now running a recycling plant in Springvale.

Joshua Calcagno is a successful paramedic who is saving lives and loving it. He said being a successful paramedic relies highly on your ability to talk to people and communicate….and boy can he talk, as he always has been able to!

Kane Penhalluriack is working in real estate in the Hawthorn/Kew areas and loving it. He is newly married…to a teacher!

Austin Parry is a successful carpenter. He didn’t know what to do when he finished school, so he took on a labouring job, and ended up loving it. He went to Tafe and is now making a life for himself in the trade.

Christopher Ziaei, or ‘Skipper’, hasn’t changed a bit (although maybe has a little less hair!) He works in IT, and still has the same huge smile.

Rohan Nolan is doing many things, including working with young people and the disabled.

My only regret is that I didn’t get around to talk to all the boys, or young men, I should say! I look forward to seeing them all again at our Hall of Fame Dinner in 2018!

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission