Clean Up Australia Day

On Thursday 7 March over 180 Salesian College students and staff “did their bit” to help the environment by participating in Clean Up Australia Day.

In the past 20 years, Australians have devoted more than 24 million hours towards the environment through Clean Up Australia Day and collected over 200,000 tonnes of rubbish. Last year alone as part of the 2012 Clean Up Australia campaign, an estimated 591 400 volunteers removed a staggering 16 169 tonnes of rubbish from 7 363 Clean Up Sites across the country.

The students and staff cleaned the surrounding public areas near the College including along the bike path from Huntingdale Rd to Atkinson St as well as the College’s own grounds and some surrounding streets. The clean-up area along the bike path was from behind the tree line to the freeway fence, not an insignificant area which is a well-used thoroughfare for local residents.

The boys collected and then dropped the rubbish in piles near the bike path and with the support and assistance of the local council ensured the collection and disposal of large items.

The Year 8 Students at Salesian College took their participation as a special initiative of their year level under the supervision of the Year Level Coordinator, Mr Steve Beckham.

“The boys learn a great deal from their involvement in activities such as Clean Up Australia Day” Mr Beckham explained. “They see how they can be good citizens and make a difference in their local areas. I am very proud of the manner in which our boys undertook their tasks and they see how we can make a difference if we work together for a common goal. They also can see how our public spaces can be degraded and spoiled by the accumulation of rubbish and that even a small piece of paper multiplied by hundreds makes a big mess. We hope to make this an ongoing activity to keep our area of this city clean.”

The founder of the Salesian order, St John Bosco would be proud of the boys as his motto was to help develop boys into “Good citizens and honest Christians.”

John Visentin
Deputy Principal, Student Services