Camp Gallipoli

Commemorating 100 Years of ANZAC Spirit

Camp Gallipoli is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to come together on the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli to sleep out under the same stars as the original ANZAC heroes did 100 years ago in a night of remembrance, entertainment, mateship and the birth of that special Aussie and Kiwi ANZAC spirit.

Salesian College has the opportunity for 21 students to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The event is held on Friday 24 – Saturday 25 April at the Melbourne Showgrounds. With special performances from Clare Bowditch and Shannon Noll plus appearances from Australian Cricket team members, Georgia Flood, and AFL Players including Jobe Watson.

This is open to students in Years 10-12. To be eligible a written response to the below criteria is required.

It is well said that the generation of Australians and New Zealanders who went forth on be behalf of their nations to battle the forces of repression “gave their tomorrow so that we could enjoy our today.”

1.    Demonstrate your understanding of the sacrifices made during WWI, both by those away and on the home front. What challenges and hardships did people face?

2.    The bravery, courage and sacrifice of our soldiers at Gallipoli and the valour, mateship and fairness that they displayed are all qualities we now identify with the ANZAC spirit, which of the above values resonates most with you.

3.    Based on your understanding and studies of WWI identify a significant individual who was involved with the WWI effort. What can be learnt from them

4.    The soldiers were ordinary people in extraordinary situations, outline a time when you have shown leadership abilities.

5.    It can be argued that the Gallipoli campaign was a series of military and tactical errors. Describe a time when you have made a mistake and learnt from it.

Applications close Tuesday 10 March and need to be emailed to Mrs Bielinski:


Commemorate 100 years of ANZAC history camping in swags together as one at Camp Gallipoli events across Australia and New Zealand