Community Day Mass

Community Day began with our annual Community day Mass for all staff and students. What better way to conclude Community Week than to share Eucharist together which celebrates the gifts, the beauty, the goodness, the achievements and the hopes and joys of our unique community.

This Eucharist also gave us an opportunity to recognise that the great life we have been given here in Australia is one that we should both celebrate and be thankful for. We acknowledged our extraordinary community comprising of people from more than 81 different cultural backgrounds. We spent time celebrating our diversity and the knowledge that we are united in God by our procession of flags.

In addition, we also spent time reflecting on the term and how we have put our faith into action to help our Salesian brothers and sisters through our participation in the Walkathon. This year, a Walkathon was organised through the local streets of Chadstone, Mount Waverley and along Scotchman’s Creek Trail. Not only was this an opportunity to celebrate Salesian College Chadstone as a diverse and unique community, but to also raise money for our Salesian community worldwide. All money raised will go directly towards the Salesian missions, in particular our brothers and sisters in Samoa, where education and technical training is a luxury, not a right for many impoverished families.

With the sun shining and a palpable positivity in the air, students set off with their mates and teachers, chatting away as they walked in solidarity with others in need. Congratulations and well done to one and all for their efforts, raising over $15,000.

At the end of Mass, we also recognised the wonderful contribution that our Omnia Award Recipients have made to Salesian and the wider community.

The Omnia Awards are presented annually to students who have made an outstanding contribution to community service within or on behalf of Salesian College. These students have demonstrated a community mindedness and action, which is selfless, voluntary and regular, without the expectation of reward or recognition.

This year we had four award recipients.

Lachlan Magee is someone known to be called upon at any time to assist his College community. He is a generous, selfless and mature young man that cares greatly for his friends, family, school and wider community. Although he has contributed in many ways during his time here in the areas of music, leadership, sport and tour guiding, his most significant achievement with regards to service, took place this year when he volunteered two weeks of his Term Two holidays to assist those in need in Samoa as part of the Calgerio Project.

Jake Dell’Arciprete is a young man who has shown consistent dedication to the college and wider community. He is always available and willing to assist others wherever he can. He is recognised as selfless and very aware of his need to promote social justice in the lives of others. His priority of others before himself is somewhat unique in today’s society and is certainly worth recognising. Jake’s contributions to the College and community have ranged from leadership, public speaking, fundraising and awareness building for others in our community.

Ali Nazari is a young man who although has not been with the College long, has had an impact nothing short of amazing. Despite personal challenges he is always ready to put others before himself, with a notable empathy for the plight of overs. He is a strong advocate for mental health and cultural diversity. He has given his time to raise money for others as well as awareness, speaking at a variety of forums in the wider community. This young man has also shared his experiences with his peers. This has not only contributed to a reputation as a brave and considerate person but changed the lives of his classmates. He has taught them that in the deepest, darkest moments that life throws at us, there is hope and that anything is possible if you have faith, hope and love.

Michael Te is a young man who is the epitome of not only what it means to be Salesian but also what it means to be selfless in a society that is often focussed on the self. He is dedicated and passionate about social justice and has always contributed in this area throughout his time at the College. His service has extended to the areas of leadership, sport, public speaking, fundraising, awareness campaigns, and community service. One of his greatest service contributions to this College is his ability not only to participate and give of himself in social justice, but his ability to bring others on the journey with him.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission