Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) Reflection

I enjoyed this subject because it is unique, and unlike any other subject taught at Salesian. It challenged me because I was doing tasks that gave me the opportunity to do what I really wanted to do, and really ‘hone in’ on a task. CGI makes you think creatively, not only as to what you want to do, but what would look good in the given arena. One of the students in my class said, “CGI was something fun and a bit different. I enjoyed it because I learnt skills that will help me with what I want to do later in life.”

The programs we used; including Mudbox, Maya and Unreal, provided the ultimate platform for our ideas to come to fruition. We used Mudbox for setting the foundation with the creation of our character. We then animated our character with Maya, and sent it into our world created in Unreal. The world we created was our domain where we could put our ideas to action. I think with this subject; the sky is the limit really – if you wanted something in your scene, there wasn’t much stopping you.

Problem solving was an extremely important skill to have, as you had no idea what could go wrong or when it could. So thinking of ways around the issue and trying to make our work the best we could was something we often did. Our teacher Mr Winfield also really knew his stuff, and was actively involved with the programs that we were using. His help, ideas and enthusiasm was helpful beyond belief. We also had a student teacher helping out, Mr Ben Birks, which not only helped us out but I could imagine it would have helped Mr Winfield out as well. Having two teachers that were so knowledgeable and willing to help was incredible, in that we could make the most of every period. CGI is a subject that is challenging and rewarding. You learn skills that are unique, and can set you up for an amazing career.

Liam McGain, 10E