Curriculum Update

Parents and guardians of VCE students would be very aware of the important role played by School Assessed Courswork (SACs) in the VCE. SACs, tasks and examinations form the very heart of VCE assessment and it is crucial that, except in the instance of illness or some form of genuine emergency, students are present at school when they are due to complete a SAC.
Our Year 12 boys have been very diligent in following the procedures which have been made available to all VCE students via a number of different forums. Unfortunately, a number of Year 11 boys, who are newer to the VCE, have not done so in recent weeks.
Could I please request that parents / guardians of VCE students have a discussion with their boys about the need to complete SACs on the specified day and to carefully follow the processes detailed below in the event that illness a genuine emergency prevents them from doing so?
Please also contact the Head of House at the earliest possible opportunity if you know in advance that he will not be at school on a SAC day due to a family wedding or due to a similarly very important event.

If a student is absent from school on the day of a SAC:

  1. A medical certificate must be produced
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to make a copy of the medical certificate and give it to the subject teacher of any SAC he has missed
  3. The original medical certificate is to be given to Student Reception
  4. The subject teacher will prepare a letter to parents which is given to the student the next day
  5. The student will complete an alternative SAC in Room D203 between 3:30pm-5:00pm on the Monday following the missed SAC; and
  6. A zero result will be given if the student fails to complete a rescheduled SAC on the specified Monday.

If the student does not have a medical certificate:

  1. The subject teacher will inform the relevant Head of House
  2. The Head of House will contact parents
  3. A zero result will be given; and
  4. The student must re-sit the SAC to meet the VCAA outcome.

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal – Learning and Curriculum