Dandenong Magistrates Court Reflection

Who would’ve thought that witnessing case after case in an actual court house would be entertaining? Yes, I didn’t either.

On Monday 6 May, both Year 11 Legal studies classes, alongside teachers Ms Blizzard and Ms Mistry began a journey to the Dandenong Magistrates Court in hope to learn more about the typical Australian court. Personally, it was quite an enlightening experience and the reputation Dandenong seems to have moulded, made things a whole lot more intriguing.

It was one of those perfect days, not too hot, not too cold, but instead just right. We began our trip early in the morning and the bus ride set the perfect tone for the day. Arguably, one of the best things from the experience. When we arrived at the court, we were asked to remove everything from our pockets (even bubble-gum) upon entering for safety reasons. Too many students in one court room would have made things too crowded, so each class split up and went to different court rooms with their respective teacher. The court rooms had quite a surreal feeling to it as people’s lives were at stake and deserved a tonne of respect no matter what their situation was. The court-room provided huge insight of how proceedings are undertaken in the court and really emphasised everything we had learnt prior to the day. As the cases came to a close, we were extremely lucky to have one of the judge’s speak to us. She relieved the tension created by some of the cases and got us back in the mood we started in. She asked us a series of questions and tried to assist with the decision making we may face for our future aspirations. We left the Magistrates Court at around 12:30pm and were back in perfect time for lunch.

Monday was one of those worthwhile days that you don’t mind re-living. Besides the fact it was a great learning experience, it overall was certainly most enjoyable. It educated us in numerous ways, and made the particular topic in the area of study much more relatable. In my view, I wouldn’t change the day for anything.

Dustin Fernandez