Debating Season has started again! To start the year off, boys from year 9 to 12 are enrolled in an interschool competition run by the Debaters Association of Victoria. Over the course of the season the boys will participate in five rounds, against the likes of; Wesley College, Caulfield Grammar, Oakleigh Grammar, Huntingtower, John Monash, Avila, Sacred Heart, Ashwood College, Forest Hill, Glen Waverley Secondary and Mount Waverly Secondary. During these rounds the boys compete with other schools, presenting their speeches to trained adjudicators, who deliver comprehensive feedback and decide on the winners and best speakers.
So far the boys have completed two rounds of debating. All our teams from Year 9 to 12 still remain undefeated. Currently we are on top of the Ladder.
Wednesday 24 April competitions saw the following results:
A Grade (Year 12) – Debated AGAINST the topic “That we should allow advertising of prescription medications”. The team consisting of Rohit Varghese, Styron Augustus and Gilbert Newport spoke well and delivered a stronger team argument, winning the debate again Wesley College by two points.

Congratulations to Rohit Varghese for being awarded best speaker.

B grade (Year 11) – Debated for the topic “That feminism is irrelevant to young women today”. The team was made up of Robert D’Leema, Joel Nixon and Grant Napitupulu. All the boys spoke exceptionally well. They thrashed their opposition Wesley College, with a 4 point win.

Congratulations to Grant Napitupulu for being awarded best speaker.

C grade (Year 10) – Debated against the topic “That we should ban academic streaming in schools”. The team consisted of Luis Mascaro, Patrick Attalah and Ben Madden. The boys also did a tremendous job beating their opposition, Avila College by 3 points.

Congratulations to Luis Mascaro for being awarded best speaker.

D grade (Year 9) – Debated AGAINST the topic “That the government should pay a salary to parents who stay home with their children”. The team was made up of Larry Genovese, Kishon Pawar and Tom Inglis. The boys defeated their opposition Ashwood College.

Thank you to all the supporting parents and particular staff members for helping the boys out on the night.

Punita Mistry
Debating Co-ordinator