Design and Technology News

The Technology Department recently took delivery of three new 3D printers and a scanner/ digitizer which will be used by staff and students in a range of subjects within the Learning Area.

This new technology enhances the capabilities of the department and provides students with a 21st Century learning tool with which they can rapidly create three dimensional prototypes and mock ups of proposed designs and also build actual components for applications in Systems Engineering, Design and Technology and Game Creation projects.

Within hours of the arrival of the machines, Brother Barry Parker designed and printed a new housing for a popular Year 10 Systems project and manufactured several spur gears using ABS plastic.

This new technology allows students to design and produce accurate, functional parts for projects as well as enabling them to be creative and imaginative in the design process. Many parts for projects that needed to be purchased from suppliers can now be printed and tailor-made to suit students’ particular design requirements.

In Semester Two, Technology staff will be working on embedding the use of the printers into the curriculum at all year levels. Many boys have made useful suggestions as to what they would like to print and how their projects could be improved or enhanced by the inclusion of some printed parts.

Coupled with the recently established Maker Space Robotics programming initiative, the arrival of 3D printing technologies clearly identifies the College’s forward – thinking and vision for the future.

As students and staff learn more about the 3D printing process and the characteristics of the machines, it will be exciting to see how the technology can be used to strengthen learning and teaching at the College.


Mr Justin Leeds
Head of Design and Technology