Dux Assembly

The College will hold its annual Dux Assembly on Tuesday 16 February

The Dux Assembly is a significant event in the life of the College when we present Awards of Recognition to acknowledge the outstanding academic achievements of our boys in 2015. The College is particularly proud of the achievements of the 2015 Year 12 cohort in their VCE studies and boys who received individual outstanding results will be joining us to celebrate those attainments along with other boys from Year 7 to 11, from 2015. The College Dux will be awarded along with individual Subject Award winners and high achievers across all the year levels.

The Assembly will be held in the College Hall and will start at 11:20am and should conclude at approximately 12:30pm. Families of boys receiving awards have been notified and invited to join us for the Assembly to celebrate their son’s particular achievement.

We congratulate all boys on their efforts in 2015 and look forward to the Assembly on the 16 February as well as continued learning and achievement in 2016.

John Visentin
Deputy Principal