Dux Assembly

The College held its annual Dux Assembly on Tuesday 16 February.

The Dux Assembly is a significant event in the life of the College and the Hall was filled to capacity with students and staff along with over 200 parents, old scholar and invited guests gathering to present Awards of Recognition to acknowledge the outstanding academic achievements of our boys in 2015. The College is proud of the achievements of the 2015 Year 12 cohort in their VCE studies and boys who received individual outstanding results were acknowledged.

The following boys were awarded prizes and scholarships.

Year 7 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Samuel Coronado
Ed Crossland
Ryan Ho
Luca Ianno
Tom Ison
Alexander Mathieson
Nathan McNamera
Travis Pemberton
Matthew Pham
Ronath Wijekoon

Year 7 2015 Top Ten High Achievers & Year 8 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Joel Childs
Aidan Cahill
Arjun Sajan
Charlie Briglia
Jordan Dam
Kevin Lee
Kiran Shaji
Pranav Kumaran
Vihanga Maddumahewa
Adrien Chu Chung Chuck – Dux of Year 7 2015

Year 8 2015 Top Ten High Achievers & Year 9 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Dimitri Adamopoulos
Ken Hour
Johnny Phylactou
Tim Hoang
Christopher Beltran
Joseph Cefai
Bo De Silva
Patrick Ciccotosto
Jed Li
Menuka Gunaratne – Dux of Year 8 2015

Year 9 2015 Top Ten High Achievers

Anton Bottalico
Kris Abraham
Blake Swaris
Robert Lam
Jamie Phung
Sam Bisas
Adrian Nadonza
Mark Linden
Kevin Jayadi
Emmanuel Chu Chung Chuck – Dux of Year 9


Year 10 Duces of Individual Subjects

Zale Athanasius – History
Dillon Caminos – Media Studies
Corey Jansz – Design and Technology, Visual Communication Design
Liam La’Brooy – Health and Physical Education
Lachlan Magee – Systems and Technology
Justin McCarthy – Pathways Maths
Yastheel Naidoo – Account for Small Business
Bao Minh Nguyen Vo – Maths (General Further)
Peter Pamouktsis – Art
Stephan Sands – Pathways English, Pathways Humanities
Kevin Tat – Accelerated Mathematics
Bo Tran – Dram, Game Creation (Joint), Genetics and Organic Chemistry
Robert Lim – Unit 1 & 2 Biology
Mike Zhao – Music, Unit 1 & 2 Mathematical Methods

Year 10 2015 Top Ten High Achievers

Wesley Avila
Paolo Gomez – Geography
Wilson Dixon
Ashley Sanqui
Julian Russo – Physics
Kojitha Senanayake
Stefano Mascaro – Australia’s Legal and Economic System, Italian
Kevin Balapitiya – Computer Generated Imagery, Game Creation (Joint)
Patrick Lov – Oratory
Kartik Kashyap – Dux of Year 10, Core Science, English

Year 11 2015 Duces of Individual Subjects (Unit 1 & 2)

Deeshan Ambawatta – General Mathematics Specialist
Matthew Braham – Music
Ashley De La Sota – Studio Arts
Jake Dell’Arciprete – Italian
Andrew Dong – Media Sudies
Fabrice Min Fa – Health & Human Development
Jamie Nixon – Economics
Kishon Pawar – Oratory
Patrick Scott – Literature
Luke Sexton – Physical Education
Nicholas Stevens – Design and Technology
James Wee – Systems Engineering
Sasi Wijewardana – Chemistry

Year 11 2015 Top Ten High Achievers (Unit 1 & 2)

Nicholas Andrejic – Legal Studies
James Roberts
Javid Mohammadi
Tranh Tran
John Vyong
Adriano Recce
Christos Romios – Accounting, Business Management
Noel Crouch – Australian History
Dominic Pham – Interactive Digital Media, Physics
David Luong – Dux of Year 11, Information Technology, General Mathematics Further, Visual Communication Design, English

Year 10 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Adrian Nadonza
Mark Linden
Kevin Jayadi
Emmanuel Chu Chung Chuck

Year 11 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Stefano Mascaro
Kevin Balapitiya
Patrick Lov
Kartik Kashyap

Year 12 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Christos Romios
Noel Crouch
Dominic Pham
David Luong

The Year 12 class of 2015 at Salesian College, Chadstone has distinguished itself as a cohort, achieving some outstanding results that have maintained Salesian College as an outstanding Catholic Secondary school for boys. The results of the boys is testimony to the sustained effort over many years to develop a robust learning environment, brought to life by a group of diligent, professional and committed educators. The boys in this cohort have not achieved their results by one year of work but by doing small things each day and with all of their teachers to ultimately achieve their goals.

The Highlights of the combined Unit 3 and 4 results include:

  • A VCE Completion rate of 100 per cent
  • 30 per cent of our students achieved an ATAR above 80
  • 17 per cent of students achieved an ATAR exceeding 90
  • 8.7 per cent of students achieved a study score above 40
  • The school’s study score median was 31

So on to individual achievements:

2015 Year 12 Dux of an Individual Subject (Unit 3 & 4)

David Luong – Literature
Jamie Nixon – Business Management
Alex Catalano – Studio Arts
Dien Duong – Interactive Digital Media
Andrew Papanikolaou – Physical Education
Crofton Burrows – Software Development
James Hatzinicolaou – Health & Human Development
Michael Nguyen – Product Design and Technology
Sam Sempio – Media Studies, Visual Communication and Design
Daniel Muscara – VCAL Student of the Year

Nicholas Mackenzie Award for Studies in the area of Design and Technology
George Triafylos

2015 Year 12 High Achievers and Duces (Unit 3 & 4)

Jiamin Lin 90.40
Andy Nguyen 91.30
Anjana Deegodaliyanage 91.40 Music Performance
Dylan Perera 92.70
Benjamin Madden 92.95
Callum Hensman 93.05
Dion D’Cruz 93.75 IT Applications
Anthony Parissi 93.75
Micheal Botros 93.90 English as an Additional Language, Further Mathematics
Daniel Subbiah 94.10
Jimmy Xu 94.40
George Triafylos 96.00 Physics, Systems Engineering
Peter Savat 96.20 Australian History
Monaal Madan 96.35
Ralph Rodrigo 96.90
Matthew Chau 97.00
Demos Phylactou 97.05 Economics, Legal Studies
Alexander Arnold 97.25
Luis Mascaro 98.00 Italian, Psychology
Simon Ruys 98.10
Patrick Atallah 98.15
Andrew Kelly 98.30
John Valles 98.75 English
Nimesh Kularatne 99.80 College Dux 2015 – Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics

We congratulate all boys on their efforts in 2015 and look forward to continued learning and achievement in 2016.

John Visentin
Deputy Principal – Students