Edrolo Resources

Salesian College is undertaking a trial for Term 3 of a set of VCE resources for Unit 1-4 subjects called Edrolo. For any boy in Year 10 undertaking a VCE subject on the list, and all Year 11 and 12 boys studying VCE, we have created Edrolo accounts ready to activate for their subjects. Unfortunately, Edrolo does not support every VCE subject we offer and so only some subjects will be involved. See below the list of VCE subjects with resources available.
Accounting Units 1&2
Accounting Units 3&4
Biology Units 1&2
Biology Units 3&4
Business Management Units 1&2
Business Management Units 3&4
Chemistry Units 1&2
Chemistry Units 3&4
English Units 3&4
Further Mathematics Units 3&4
General Mathematics Units 1&2
Health and Human Development Units 1&2
Health and Human Development Units 3&4
Legal Studies Units 1&2
Legal Studies Units 3&4
Mathematical Methods Units 1&2
Mathematical Methods Units 3&4
Physical Education Units 1&2
Physical Education Units 3&4
Physics Units 1&2
Physics Units 3&4
Psychology Units 1&2
Psychology Units 3&4
Studio Arts Units 3&4
Visual Communication Design Units 3&4

The teachers at Salesian College will be using these resources, which include videos, quizzes and exam questions in a variety of ways and we encourage boys to make full use of the free trial over this term. We will be seeking feedback from parents, teachers and the boys to decide if this is worth continuing into Term 4 and in 2017 where there will be a cost involved. We are hopeful that the boys will find them beneficial for their learning.
Please see below how boys can login to their account. We encourage everyone to log in asap and have a look at what is there – it’s free for the whole of Term 3!
To activate your account (you only need to do this once)
1.      Go to edrolo.com.au/salesian
2.      Enter your surname and check that it recognises your correct first name
3.      Enter your email address, mobile phone number, and select a password
4.      Click ‘Let me in’
5.      You’ll then be logged into your account
6.      Please start by watching our short training video — you’re now ready to go!
Activation Instructions
 Please note:
1.      If you already have an Edrolo account (eg from a previous school), you can view your new classes by logging in with the same details you’ve already been using!
2.      If you run into any difficulties, please send an email to help@edrolo.com.au


Mr John Visentin
Deputy Principal