End of Year Transition

As the end of year approaches, boys should be busily studying for their end of year assessments. The importance of boys being at school for these should not be underestimated.

It’s critical that boys are aware of their exam timetable, when they need to be there, what they need to bring and be in full school uniform as usual. Details for exams may be found with your son but if uncertain please feel free to contact your Year Level Coordinator.

Boys in Years 7-11 will be experiencing transition from one year level to the next before they finish on Friday the 4th. It’s essential that they participate fully in all the activities offered so as to get themselves prepared for the challenges of next year.

Our final day will includes a whole school, assembly and an early finish at 1.00pm. The canteen will not be open at lunchtime.

Thank you for encouraging your sons to do their best in their exams and may I wish you all a safe and holy Christmas season.

Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal – Students