English Department

The Salesian English Department has made a positive and vibrant start to 2015. Underpinning this is our two aims for the year:

1. To engender passion and interest in English; and to

2. To improve skills and knowledge in our boys in English

In light of this, we have initiated a Wide Reading Program in Years 7 & 8. Each boy is required to read at least one novel per term and then write eruditely on what they enjoyed about the novel and what they learned from it. Further, there will be awards for the boys in each class who read the most novels per term as well as certificates acknowledging the reluctant readers who made an honest effort in attempting to read widely. This is part of the English Team’s desire to cultivate a passion for reading in our boys and drive up literacy across the school. We encourage parents to establish dialogue with their sons about what each boy is reading. Indeed, active and engaged parents will help the program flourish!

At the senior years, we have former students coming in to tutor Year 12 boys on the text Medea. These sessions will take place during weeks four, five and six of Term One. Here, our 2016 students will have access to current knowledge on the text. It is expected the tutorials will further passion and interest in the text, thus leading to learned and insightful responses during the SAC, scheduled for Week 6.

We look forward to working closely with parents this year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me regarding any of the aforementioned information or any other questions you may have.

Chris Pye
Head of English