English Incursion

On the last Thursday of the holidays, a number of Year 12 boys came into school to view a Q & A with former student and local English doyen, Patrick Scott. Some context here – Patrick actually garnered a perfect study score of 50 in English last year, and therefore possesses contemporary and relevant knowledge in English that was very useful to this year’s cohort. It was an illuminating session. The boys were engaged throughout, diligently taking notes as Patrick delivered helpful pointers on our current text, Medea. I was most impressed with the high-register questions that came in from many of the boys. They demonstrated a real desire to attain knowledge and acquire useful study strategies to achieve success. It really bodes well for the year.

I’d like to thank Patrick, the boys in attendance and the Year 12 English teaching team for an engaging and interesting morning.

Mr Chris Pye
Head of English