Environmental Impact

Something that always makes me excited and proud is when a student finds a passion and follows it. In Year 7 Science at the moment we are learning about renewable and non-renewable resources, this obviously precedes conversations about the sustainability of our lifestyle here in Australia and the concerns about Global warming. One of my students, Anthony Henderson from 7D, took it upon himself to email Tony Abbott raising his concerns and asking for education regarding this issue for all Australian students.

An extract from the email sent to Prime Minister Tony Abbott is below:

“My name is Anthony Henderson I am in year 7D & and study at Salesian College Chadstone. I myself did not know anything about global warming and the effect it is having on our environment. Global warming is a very serious subject and everyone should be aware of what it is doing to the environment of the world.

Everyone should be thinking about living in a sustainable world to reduce global warming. We should be thinking about solar energy. Solar energy is a form of energy from the sun, like electricity and gas, solar energy can also be used as power. Solar energy has been used to cook food, power vehicles, power homes, and is totally free. Unlike other types of energy, the sun won’t ever run out. Solar energy is an alternative to non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels.”

With the lack of a Science Minister in the current cabinet, I find it uplifting that one of the youngest members of the Salesian College community has taken the initiative to act on his beliefs and values at the highest level.

Amazing work Anthony, continue to stand up for what you believe! You have made us all very proud.

Tara Kimstra
Science teacher