Faith and Mission

The Catholic and Salesian traditions are deeply founded in distinctive rituals which help us communicate important messages and offer a time for reflection. Salesian College Chadstone is no different. Our Opening Whole School Mass is not only a highlight of the year, but also a ceremony which supports and nurtures our beliefs while also celebrating the Feast of St John Bosco and the service promised by our elected student leaders.

On Tuesday February 31, we began the school year with our beautiful tradition. Fr. Frank lead the celebration and reminded us that this year we not only celebrate 60 years of being Salesian College, but we also we focus on our annual Strenna; We Are Family! We gather as a community of faith to celebrate the many gifts and opportunities that are offered to us for our education and for our growth, in all areas of our life.

We went on to listen to the Word and the learning that all Jesus wants for us is:

  • to be happy
  • to show a kind attitude to everyone
  • to not worry about the future, but ask for God’s guidance with a thankful heart
  • to fill our minds with everything that is true, noble, good and pure; everything that can be thought of as virtuous and worthy of praise
  • to follow the example of Jesus through word and action
  • (Letter of St Paul to the Philippians 4,4-9)
  • to love one another

We also were privileged to listen to one of Don Bosco’s letters that he wrote when he was in Rome, to his teachers at his first Oratory in Turin. In the letter he described for them what he hoped an Oratory would be like. In the letter he emphasized:

  • the Oratory should be a place of life, movement and joy, of fun and laughter and great family spirit
  • that there should be a growing confidence, affection and respectful confidence between teachers and the boys

What beautiful messages and how lucky we are that our school is based on the teaching of Jesus and the lived experience of Don Bosco.

Our celebration included rituals that placed significant importance on the journey of our boys. In particular, the Year 7s and new students were welcomed officially as they received their College and house badges, the Year 12 students were presented with the prestigious XII badges, we welcomed back the Year 10s from the Mannix Campus, and we blessed the new Year 9 staff and students as they left for Mannix, wishing them a journey filled with joyful Salesian spirituality. In addition, we presented our new staff to the Salesian community, and presented them with the Salesian Charter.

We also took the time to present our senior leaders with their blessed badges and were witness to their promise as our elected leaders:

“We, the elected representatives of the Salesian College student body, pledge ourselves to service and leadership according to the principles of the Gospel. With the help of God and our fellow students, we pledge to carry out our task faithfully.”

A truly Salesian celebration; I would like to thank all those involved in making our Opening School Mass so memorable.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission