Faith and Mission Reflection

Year 11 Retreat Reflection

On Tuesday 19th of April, the Year 11 staff and students participated in the annual Year 11 Retreat Day. It took place at Rowville Community Centre and was presented by David Kobler from Yourchoicez.

The outcomes of the day included:

  • What is it to be a man?
  • Strategies for building a positive sense of manhood
  • Tools to entering manhood and leaving boyhood behind
  • Developing positive and healthy relationships
  • Relationships and sexual decision making from a Christian perspective
  • The science behind pornography
  • Key issues that many men are facing: identity, purpose, self-control and sex drive
  • The impact of media and marketing
  • The value and dignity of the human person
  • Models of manhood – becoming the man you really want to be
  • How to deal with the pressure of sexting

This seminar program helped our boys find their potential as young men made in the image of God. The central theme of the sessions is a deeper understanding of the gift of masculine strength.

The seminar gave each of them a compelling vision of what he can do, be and offer to the world. They were offered a new perspective of relationships built on an accurate understanding of masculine strength and the capacity to be gift to women, family members and the wider community.

By making powerful use of multi-media, they explored the real issues for young men and provide compelling strategies for change.

It was a most valuable day in which our boys approached with great maturity and as a result got a lot out of it. Thank you to all teachers involved in this important part of Oratory Program.

Enhancing Catholic School Identity

During Week 4 of this term (2nd-6th May), Staff, Students and parents will be asked for their assistance in responding to a survey as part of the Enhancing Catholic School Identify project. This project reports on the Catholic institutional identity and the level of Catholicity present within our school today and towards the future. This research provides information that help us determine programs and practises within our Catholic school community. Parents will receive and email with all the details in the next few weeks. Please take the time to respond.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission