Faith and Mission

In the early days of Term 2, guest speaker Sarah Lacey from the Australian Red Cross Blood Bank service spoke to our Year 12 students. Her words compelled a group of Year 12 boys, as well as Mr Anthony Barnes, to donate blood on Friday 3June.

Students Noel Crouch, Rachith Rajakumar, Albin Bennys, Alvin Jomy and Maynard Perera sacrificed their early Friday afternoon dismissal to travel to the Mount Waverly Blood Donation Centre in Pinewood, where they literally rolled up their sleeves to help the community. Their initial hesitation was soon quashed as this simple, yet vital act was completed. An afternoon tea of muffins, chocolate and juice rewarded their services.

As one boy claimed on the afternoon, “The prick on the finger to test your iron levels was worse than the act of donating itself!”

With four more groups of students and staff members set to donate blood in Term 2 and 3, we thank them for their selfless act in helping our community in such an important way.