Farewell, Class of 2017

During Week 2 of this term, Salesian College celebrated the Class of 2017’s final week of classes. Our Year 12 boys have done us all proud this year in all facets of College life. A huge highlight of the week was the Valedictory Breakfast on Thursday 19 October, where the boys watched their Valedictory Video. A big thank you to Alex Nanfra, Wilson Dixon and our College Captain, Stefano Mascaro for all their work on this.

The week concluded for the Year 12 boys on Friday 20 October with our Valedictory Assembly. The College community was treated to Stefano Mascaro’s last great Salesian School Captain speech, and there was not a dry eye in the Hall. The Assembly was followed by our Valedictory Mass later that evening, where the boys received their Salesian College Graduation Certificate from our College Principal, Mr Robert Brennan and Rector, Father Bertagnolli. Afterwards, the College celebrated our Valedictory Dinner at ‘The Grand Receptions’.

It is with a hollow heart that I say goodbye to the Class of 2017. These feelings are best summed up with a small passage from my final speech delivered to the boys at our Valedictory Dinner.

“As we welcomed you as Salesian boys 6 years ago, and now say goodbye to you as young Salesian men, my parting message to you is to ask that you please live up to your potential, for you to fulfil what it means to be a great Salesian man. For this is where I know that you will make me most proud…”

We wish our Class of 2017 all the best in their upcoming VCAA exams, and in all their future endeavours.

Mr Kim Beurs
Year 12 Coordinator