Feast Day of St Dominic Savio

A Staff v Students Basketball Game was held on Monday 6May to celebrate the feast day of St Dominic Savio. Despite the students dominating much of the scoring and rebounding, the staff team miraculously came out ahead on the scoreboard at the end of the game 34 – 31, much to the amazement and amusement of all present.

The student team which consisted of Matthew Singhavong, Dwayne Alphonso, Shehan Felix, Dylan Chow, Joshua Ngo, James Ngo, Jason Tran, Ryan Tennison, Michael Lee and Ben McGuinness was an accomplished team full of movement on and off the ball. They were strong defensively with several strong bodies crashing the boards and harassing the staff when they had the ball. Their coach Tikiri Nugegoda said after the game, “We did our thing but I am not sure what the story was with the scoreboard. We were happy with our patterns and our discipline. We are taking it one game at a time.”

The highlights for the staff were the silky skills of Mr Rodezno, the power play of Mr Beurs and Mr Christiano, the sleight of hand by Mr Pye and Mr Wang and the long bombs from Mr Carroll. The staff Assistant Coach, Mr Visentin was quoted by an un-named source as saying, “This staff team lacks some real bite in the middle and we need to work harder in transition. We will really have to look for some big inclusions for the next match if we are to go all the way. We got lucky today to get the points and some of those boys in the student team really put it to us in many areas. I am just glad we played it out to the end.”

A great game in all respects. Congratulations to the Savio senior leaders for organising the match. We look forward to a rematch later in the year.

John Visentin
Deputy Principal, Student Services