Free Rangini Day

This Friday the college community is taking part in Free Ranjini day. Friday May 10, 2013 marks the anniversary of the indefinite detention of Ranjini Perinparasa.

The staff and students will be given red, orange or yellow ribbons to show their support for the immediate release of all ASIO refugees that are being held indefinitely yet have not be found to be a threat to Australian security in any way.

All staff and students are invited to sign their name on a petition which we be sent to our local government demanding the immediate release of these people. If you would like to add your name to this petition please email,

• Ranjini was found to be a genuine refugee by the Australian Department of Immigration and was released from Detention into the community

• She married and enrolled her two boys at Mill Park Primary school in Melbourne

• ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) then declared Ranjini a threat but gave no reason

• Ranjini and her two boys were taken from Melbourne to the Villawood Detention Centre in where they have remained ever since

• They are now in permanent, indefinite detention. Ranjini gave birth to another boy in January this year – a child born in detention.

Although Ranjini and 55 others also found to be refugees have been declared a security risk by ASIO, the government will not disclose reason. A High Court ruling in October held that the government cannot keep the refugees in detention on the basis of the ASIO negative finding. The case is still under review with the government and the refugees remain in detention with no indication of a release date.

Our aim is to remind everyone that ALL asylum seekers and refugees are entitled to be treated with dignity.

Thank you all for your support

Tara Kimstra