Friday Timetable Change

Please be advised that the timetable for Fridays has been adjusted so that we will now have six lessons before lunch.  The new Friday timetable appears in the table below.  The main reasons for the change are to:

- Give the school-wide Oratory period on Friday a more appropriate slot
- Ensure that Year 12 students who have SACs in Study Hall on Friday afternoons have the best possible opportunity to do well in these important tasks
- Experiment to test the benefits/weaknesses of a variation to the normal timetable.

Please note that:

- The Monday – Thursday timetable remains unchanged
- The new timetable will come into effect this week on Friday 13 March.

If you would like to provide any feedback regarding the new timetable system, boys can do so via: student leaders; Oratory Leaders or email your Year Level Coordinator.

Mr Neil Carter
Deputy Principal

Period Start Time
1 8:45am
2 9:25am
3 10:05am
Recess 10:45am – 11:05am
4 11:07am
5 11:47am
6 12:27pm
Lunch 1:07pm – 1:52pm
7 1:55pm
8 2:35pm
End 3:15pm