From our Rua Resource Centre

Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge 2013

Years 7, 8 and 9 students are this year taking up the challenge to read at least 15 books from February to September. Students are able to choose 10 books from the extensive ‘Premier’s list and 5 of their own free choice. All successful participants will receive a certificate from the Premier in October and potentially have their names included on the Premier’s Reading Challenge Honour list in The Age!

Students will be given a registration letter to take home to obtain consent and support in their challenge. The letter will also convey the college expectation that students will be encouraged to read for at least 10 minutes each day at home to help reach their goal.

We look forward to the College Community supporting the aim of the Challenge which is to promote a love of reading!


Rua Readers Book Club

The Inaugural (first) Rua Readers Book Club will be held on Wednesday 27 February at lunchtime in the Rua Resource Centre.

Students and staff all welcome! If you’ve read The Hobbit ( and we know many year 7’s from 2012 have read The Hobbit over the holidays) or seen the movie come along and have a chat!

Our next novel will be ANIMAL FARM!!

We can read and discuss this amazing story before you we see the production!