From the Assistant Principal – Students

Dear Parents,

As the end of term quickly approaches, it’s timely to bring some important aspects of organisational details to your attention.

Monday 13 April is a Student Free Day. Staff will be engaged in professional development on this day. The first day of Term for boys will be Tuesday 14 April.

It has been a terrific start to the year in relation to the boys’ wearing of the uniform.
The commencement of Term 2 sees a change in the required uniform arrangements for the students. Boys wear the College winter uniform in Terms 2 and 3 before returning to the summer uniform again in Term 4. The details of the uniform are shown below. Your assistance in ensuring the boys are well attired before coming to school is much appreciated.
It has come to my attention that a number of boys, rather than wearing the College blazer, are wearing the College sports jacket as the outer garment. This is against College policy and we ask that you would remind your son of the importance of wearing the school uniform with pride both to and from school.
The uniform shop is open at the College on Tuesday 24 March from 3:00pm – 7:00pm and on the first day of term, Monday 13 April, with the same opening hours.

Terms 2 & 3
Blue Blazer
Monogrammed Tie
White Monogrammed Shirt
Charcoal Grey Jumper (optional)
School Trousers
Black umbrella (official wet-weather equipment)
Black, lace-up leather school shoes
Black belt (with plain buckle)
Official College Scarf (optional in colder weather)
Navy College Backpack

Families are reminded that boys are required to present themselves on the first day of term clean shaven, with their hair cut within the College guidelines and with no new piercings visible. It is not permissible for boys to have piercings or plastic plugs while they are in school uniform.

With the commencement of a new timetable in 2015, the arrangements for early dismissal need to be restated.
Should your son need to leave early on a particular day, it is their responsibility to find their Year Level Coordinator with signed permission form from their parent/guardian and get their early exit slip signed. Encouraging our boys to follow this up themselves rather than getting parents/guardians to ring in will help us manage the organisational aspects of the day better.

Boys who wish to leave at the end of sport may do so as long as they have submitted a signed permission form from their parent/guardian. These boys are dismissed from the College only, (not the sport venue) at 2.35pm. Boys who have permission to leave after sport are not permitted to remain at school and play games in the yard whilst classes are still in session.

To ensure our supervision of boys is satisfactory, it is not permissible for boys to go home early one week and stay the next. So we can ensure adequate supervision, boys must choose one or the other. Your help in getting your son to be clear about their preference and sticking to it would be appreciated.

The Year 12 cohort appear to have begun the year particularly well. The importance of boys not allowing their study habits to fall away on the holidays cannot be overstated. While we encourage our students to achieve the right balance of study, exercise, sleep and social life, it is easy for this to go awry during the holiday period. A gentle reminder to keep on track may well alleviate any concerns that boys are not completely prepared for their classes when they return.

It would seem a good time to advise families of a Peer Tutoring Program run by old collegians who completed Year 12 in 2014. This excellent program will allow our Year 12 students to benefit from the experience of some of our highest achievers from last year. The program runs from 3:30pm – 4:30pm on a Monday and is held in the library. Further information about this can be obtained from Mr Chris Pye, Year 12 Coordinator.

My very warmest wishes to you all for a refreshing Term break.

Mr Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal – Students