From the Assistant Principal – Students

Welcome to Term 4. The staff professional learning day on 5 October concentrated on assisting students to develop resilience and believe that they can achieve marvellous results if they work towards always trying to improve their standard of work. The ‘growth mindset’ way of thinking helped us to understand that success is gained from practice and effort, accepting mistakes as part of the learning process and viewing them as opportunities for growth.

The final term of the year is a very important time with the graduation of our Class of 2015, the exam period, the transition of all of our current students to their 2016 program. Students need to remain focused on their studies and use this time to ensure they make the most out of their time in preparation for end of year assessment.

A regular study and revision time that completes homework and allows time for revision of important learnings from class will go a long way to ensuring that your son finishes off the year successfully.

As parents you can help your son keep on track in many ways. Importantly, ensuring boys attend classes every day and make sure they arrive on time goes a long way to assisting them to have a productive finish to the year.

An interesting article I read recently with some excellent tips can be found at While the article is written from an American perspective, the ideas suggested to help your teenager get the most out of high school are particularly relevant.
Making sure that boys are in correct uniform, not wearing any jewellery, and that their hair cuts are within college guidelines also allows us to focus on the important task of learning without distraction from their learning.

May I encourage you to remain in contact with your son’s Oratory leader as the first contact with the College if you have any questions about the events of the term as well as use PAM to contact class teachers should you have any questions about your son’s progress.

Kind regards,

Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal – Students