From the Assistant Principal – Students

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope the break has been a restful one for you and your family, and the Christmas Season was a time of shared joy and peace with those dear to you.

As the 2015 school year begins, I thought it might be timely to introduce myself and my role as Assistant Principal of Students. My name is Brendan Douglas and I have been working in Catholic education for 29 years, most recently as part of the senior leadership team of St Bernard’s College Essendon. During this time I have held a number of different leadership roles in my work in Catholic Primary, Co-educational Secondary and all boys’ education. I am a passionate believer in the value of a Catholic education for students as a way of helping them make sense of the pluralist society that we live in.

It was wonderful to hear of the excellent results achieved by the class of 2014. These results can only be achieved by the hard work of the students supported and nurtured by a dedicated staff. The family’s role in the success of their boys is also critical in supporting the College to work towards achieving the best outcomes for our boys. Time and effort being wasted on matters related to student behaviour or uniform takes away from the school’s ability to get the best results for our students.

As the school year commences, it would seem timely to bring some matters to your attention.
I would like to reinforce the correct wearing of the College uniform at all times. It is the College’s expectation that students will be appropriately dressed in both their Academic and Sporting uniforms as required.
The wearing of the School blazer and tie remains the same as in previous years. It is not required to be worn during the warmer months of Term One and Four.

In relation to the general student’s appearance, all students are expected to maintain their hair in an appropriate manner and style. The requirement for all students is the same. Boys must be clean-shaven and are not permitted to have extreme hairstyles. In practice this expectation means the student’s hair must not be beyond the collar or hang over into his eyes. This is deemed as unacceptable and can also become a safety issue. Other extreme styles include cuts lower than #2 and mohawks or tails. The College expects parents and guardians to fully support these expectations, to ensure fairness and uniformity amongst all its students. Students who return to the College with an inappropriate hair style may be sent home until the hair has been corrected.

With considerable change also to the timetable and class structure in 2015 it is timely to remind parents and guardians about our systems of communication at the College. Each class’s Oratory Leader, (formerly Pastoral Care Teacher) is the first port of call for any issues or information that is required. Year Level Coordinators have responsibility for your son’s academic progress and wellbeing. It is very important that parents and guardians develop a good working relationship with the Oratory Leader and Year Level Coordinator. I am also available should the need arise. We also expect that you contact subject teachers when and if the need arises.

Calling the College on 9807 2644 will allow you to contact any of the Coordinators and myself, though email is often the most efficient way of getting a hold of staff as they may be working face to face with students during the day.

Year Level Coordinators in 2015

 Year 7: Mr Byron Chen
 Year 8: Mr Steve Beckham
 Year 9: Mr Steven Loonstra
 Year 10: Mr Ron Lok
 Year 11: Mrs Rhea Beurs
 Year 12: Mr Chris Pye


A gentle reminder that the school day officially starts at 8:45am when the first bell rings. All students are expected to be on campus well before then and ready to start the school day. If students are late to the College they must have a written note or parent/guardian phone call prior to 10:00am explaining their absence. When arriving late to school, students must report to Student Reception immediately to sign in.

If you have any questions or issues you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us at the College.

Warm regards,

Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal – Students
9807 2644