From the Principal

Welcome to week six of Term 4. The past week has been a mixed bag of weather, with some warm weather, some wet weather and everything in between, only in Melbourne. With only three weeks left for the senior students and four for the juniors, I remind everyone that we need to finish the year off positively and apply our utmost effort through to the end of the year.

We have had a great first half of the term with the Year 12s finishing off extremely well and entering into their final exams in a very positive manner.
As we complete the third week of Year 12 exams, things are going well with no major hiccups and everything running very smoothly. All students I have spoken to appear to be happy with the way things have gone for them which we hope will translate into results which a true reflection of their ability and their efforts.

A significant part of our students’ success is due to the effort and commitment by staff over the six years leading up to this point. The College wishes to thank all staff, in particular our Year 12 subject teachers for their efforts in bringing this fine group of young men to this point in their lives. The College would like to thank the staff involved in making the exams run smoothly for their outstanding organisation and thorough preparation. To those students who have finished congratulations and to those still going we wish them luck and encourage them to remain focussed until the end.

Year 11 students have undertaken their exams and are participating in a Year 12 transition program. ‘Headstart’ commenced this week with the boys commencing their Year 12 subjects. We wish them every success and encourage them to make the most of every second they have in class to ensure their ultimate success.

I encourage our new senior students to focus on their studies for the next three weeks to ensure they get themselves off to the best possible start for their final year of studies and set themselves up to achieve results commensurate with their ability. I wish all students in Years 7 to 10 good luck as they prepare for exams over the coming weeks.

God bless.

Robert Brennan