From the Principal

Welcome to Week Six of Term Four. This week we have been given a taste of warm weather, and with it the dreams of Christmas holidays that are just around the corner. We have had a delightful first half of the term, with the Year 12s finishing off extremely well and the rest of the student body being settled and productive. With two weeks left for senior students, and three for the juniors, I remind everyone that we need to finish the year off positively and carry our efforts through to the end.

This week marks the last week of senior exams, which signals that we are getting very close to the end of the school year and all the craziness that comes with it. The last of the Year 12 exams for our boys will take place next Wednesday. In my conversations with the boys they appear to be happy with the way things are going and their efforts appear to have been solid. Each of the boys I have spoken to are very relieved that it is all over.

We often hear that when one door closes another opens, and this is never truer than the when we move from one Year 12 group to the other. It is interesting that as the Class of 2017 complete their final exam, the Class of 2018 are entering into their first week of their Year 12 studies. We hope they too can enjoy the wonderful experiences of this year’s group. In the meantime, Year 10 and 11 students enter into the final two weeks of the year before they take a well-earned break for Christmas, with the Years 7-9 following the week later. I think this will officially mark the start of silly season. In the midst of all of this, staff will be feverously correcting papers and completing reports to finish off the year.

I especially encourage our senior students who have completed their exams to focus on their studies for the three weeks of Head Start, to ensure they get the best possible start for their final year of studies, and set themselves up to achieve results commensurate with their ability. I wish all students in Years 7 to 10 good luck as they prepare for exams over the coming weeks.

I leave you this week with a reflection which I feel is timely with our focus on school exams. Most of us know that there are times when we have prepared well and worked hard, and so we do well, and then there are other times where our preparation is not what it should have been, whether it be because of laziness, procrastination or situations outside our control, and so we know that we’re not going to do so well. In each of these circumstances it is our honesty with ourselves which will ultimately be the important learning for us. Seeing a good result as success, and a poor result as a failure, is a little simplistic. I suggest that neither the doing well, nor, not doing not so well is the true measure of success. The measure of success comes internally, it comes when we accept our successes and failures for what they are. When we can reconcile them with knowing we have done our best, or that our less successful results have come about due to a lack of effort on our part, or maybe even because we just didn’t have the skills to complete that given task. In other words, we take responsibility for our achievements, good or bad, and be content in the knowledge that generally we get what we deserve. This is extremely important as no matter where you go in life, the one certainty is that you only have yourself to rely on. Your thoughts, efforts, skills and experience will be what determine your success in any given challenge you face. You will be the one consistent in your life, and no matter how your circumstances may change, you are you, and you alone decide how proud you are of yourself and what you are going to do with the hand you are dealt. With this thought, I wish all our students well with their remaining exams and encourage them to be honest in their reflection on the results they obtain, and then move on and make the most of what they have achieved.

God Bless.

Rob Brennan