From the Rector

Dear Friends;

The Olympic Games are in full swing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I do not intend to comment on this event, but to use the publicity surrounding these games to highlight another aspect of the story in Brazil. It’s about the capital of Brazil, BRASILIA.

Here is an interesting quote:

“Brasilia is a young city – it turns 51 next month. But it began as a dream, more than a century ago. In 1883 Don Bosco, Brasilia’s Patron Saint, had a vision that one day, a capital city of a great nation would be built between the 15th and the 20th parallels. It would be a model for the future and ensure that opportunity was the birthright of every Brazilian.” This statement was made by President Obama of the USA during his visit to Brasilia in 2011.

Brasilia came to birth in 1960, and it was designed and built on the description made by Don Bosco, following a dream he had back in 1883! Today Brazilia has a population of about two and half million people, and its cathedral is dedicated to Don Bosco.

The Salesians have been in Brazil since the time of Don Bosco, and run many schools, youth centres, mission stations, and a variety of services especially for children at risk and street children.

Salesian College is part of the vast network of educational services that the Salesians provide in more than 130 countries around the world.

This wonderful movement for good was begun by one person, whose birthday occurs on 16th August – John Bosco would have been 201 years old. Today thousands of people form part of this vast movement, including everyone associated with this College. It’s a movement based on the values of the Gospel and on Christian faith…

There is plenty of information on the internet about Don Bosco and his work in the world.

Fr Frank Bertagnolli, SDB