From the Rector

Dear Friends;

At the recent “Valedictory Mass”, I reminded our Year 12 students of the challenge I issued to all students at the beginning of this year.  This challenge is simple but effective, and is expressed in six words:  BE HAPPY, BE USEFUL, BE KIND.

This is a quick summary of the “recipe” for a happy life proposed by Pope Francis a couple of years ago.

The more extended formulation of Pope Francis’ statement is presented here:

1.   Live and let live: be patient and tolerant; let nothing upset you.
2.  Give yourself to others: be open and generous. If you are only concerned with yourself, you become selfish and stagnant.
3.  Proceed calmly in life: one should be like a calm pool of water, rather than a raging torrent. Kindness and humility will help you achieve calmness.
4.  Have a healthy sense of leisure.  Consumerism has brought anxiety and stress.
Even when parents work hard and for long hours, they should find time to play with their children.
5.  Take Sundays off – Sunday is for family.
6.   Help create jobs for young people: work generates dignity and confidence. The alternative is seeking to escape with drugs and even suicide.
7.   Respect and take care of nature; indiscriminate use of natural resources is “suicidal” for humanity and its future.
8.   Stop being negative. Constantly speaking badly about others indicates low self-esteem.  Letting go quickly of negative feelings is healthy.
9.   Respect the religious beliefs of others.  Christianity should grow by attraction and by witness, not by proselytizing.
10.  Work for peace: we are living in a time of many wars.  Peace should not be quiet, but shouted aloud; for peace is always proactive and dynamic.

I trust these suggestions by Pope Francis help us all live more happily, trusting God’s mercy, at peace with everyone.

Fr Frank Bertagnolli SDB