From the Rector

Dear Friends,

Recently I came across an interesting piece of reading. It was titled ‘The Philosophy of Charles Schultz’ (the creator of the comic strip ‘Peanuts’).
I summarize it (and adapt it) this way:

  1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.
  2. Name the five AFL teams that won the most premierships.
  3. Name the last five winners of the Nobel Peace Prize.
  4. Name the last five jockeys that won the Melbourne Cup.
  5. Name the last five winners of the Academy Award prize for best actor/actress.

Now see how you score on the following quiz:

  1. List the three of four teachers who have helped you most through school.
  2. Name three or four friends who helped you in difficult times.
  3. Name three or four people who made a significant difference to your life.
  4. Name three or four people who made you feel special and appreciated.
  5. Name the five people you enjoy spending time with.

I’m sure that it was much easier to answer the second set of questions!

Just reflect on the first set of questions – very few of us (if any) remember the headlines of yesterday. And yet all of the people referred to in the first set of questions are extra-ordinary achievers, who have made a name for themselves as the best in their field.

But the applause dies, achievements are forgotten, awards are history, certificates collect dust, accolades are for the dead!

Whereas the people who make a difference to our lives are NOT those with the most credentials and achievements, the most money, the most awards…They are simply those who CARE the most!

I hope that at Salesian College everyone cares for one another, and is prepared to go the extra step to help someone, and to serve without counting the cost. This is the example of Jesus, of Don Bosco, of the great Salesians of the past.

At this time of the year, when we all consider what has been achieved, and what could and should have been done better, we are invited to reflect on the values that remain valid for ever and that will be the signposts for the future.

Fr Frank Bertagnolli, SDB