From the Rector

Dear Friends;

I would like to begin by paying a special compliment to our Year 7 cohort for 2017. I shared a session of Prayer and Reflection at their camp this week. It was an uplifting experience for all participants. The Prayer was set around the story of the disciples of Emmaus, who on their journey met Jesus, and this changed their lives. I hope that all the boys who attend this College will meet Jesus at some stage. And Jesus is not an “abstract” person, or an invisible spirit… On the contrary, Jesus walks our streets, shares our classrooms and shops, dwells in our homes, and lives alongside us. He constantly appears as a parent, a sibling, a teacher, a fellow student, a passenger on the bus, a traveller on the train; sometimes he is loveable, and at other times he proves to be a challenge. In whatever form, we should make him welcome!

In the school yard, there is a large painting hanging on the wall of the Rua Library. It’s a portrait of the face of Jesus, with the quote from Pope Benedict XVI: “Truly, nothing is more beautiful than to know Christ, and to make him known to others”.

Parents and guardians, do not be afraid to speak to your children about Christ!

Do you ever ask your children what they have learned in their Religion class? Whether they have said any prayers today?…

I would also like to alert parents and guardians to the fact that our College Chapel is always open in the morning and in the afternoon: if ever you feel like dropping in for a short quiet time and a prayer, please feel welcome. In this context, are you aware that every Friday morning at 8.00am there is an optional Mass being celebrated in the Chapel? It’s open to staff, students, parents and visitors, and by 8.30am it is over and you can attend to your other duties. There you can also meet Jesus, who is ready to give you strength and consolation, especially in the difficult moments of your life.

And in conclusion I would like to offer my congratulations to all the students who on Thursday February 16, at the Dux Assembly, received recognition for their efforts in the past year.

Salesian College aims at “inspiring and educating young men to become great men” in every way; academic, social, emotional, sporting, and spiritual.

Fr Frank Bertagnolli, SDB