From the Rector

Dear Friends;

As I looked through the calendar for this month of May, the first thought that went through my mind is the number of events that focus on families. On Wednesday evening (May 3) there was an Information Evening for Future Families, on Monday (May 8), there was the Rite Journey Breakfast for Year 9 students and their parents, on Friday (May 12) there is a Mothers’ Day Mass and Breakfast (in preparation for Mother’s Day on Sunday May 14) on Thursday May 18 there is a Mother & Son Evening for Year 7 students, and on Wednesday May 24 the whole school will celebrate the feast of Mary, Mother of Jesus and Help of Christians, Patroness of Australia.

The emphasis on “family spirit” is one of the values that this College would like to promote and be known for. The College Charter begins by stating that the first quality of every Salesian institution is for it to be a HOME that welcomes, where young people feel accepted, respected and cared for.

Don Bosco always claimed that he learned the fundamental qualities of his education system from his mother, and that is what he tried to practice all his life! Perhaps Jesus could say that he learned a lot from his mother also.

Jesus had the same experience that all of us (or many of us) have had of:


  •             Being born in a family
  •             Growing up with parents
  •             Migrating to another country
  •             Attending religious services
  •             Being lost on a journey
  •             Depending on his parents
  •             Learning a trade
  •             Being misunderstood and rejected
  •             Enjoying a meal with family and friends
  •             Praying, crying, losing a friend,
  •             Being betrayed
  •             Dealing with opposition
  •             Feeling hunger and thirst
  •             Having to face abuse
  •             Confronting failure
  •             Having to explain his actions and his words
  •             Being loved and hated
  •             Sharing good times and bad…


And his mother journeyed with him to the very end, loving him and supporting him unconditionally. Don Bosco’s mother did the same for her son. She spent the last ten years of her life at ‘Valdocco’ creating a home for hundreds of boys without a family!

We should be encouraged to believe that Mary will also be our companion, and will love us and support us unconditionally throughout our life. Don Bosco used to say to the Salesians, “Honour Mary, and you will see what miracles are!”

Fr Frank Bertagnolli SDB