From the Rector

Dear Friends,

In 1877, one hundred and forty years ago, Don Bosco launched a magazine called the Salesian Bulletin, for the purposes of spreading his educational work and inviting his supporters to contribute to his enterprises in Europe and in South America.

Today the Salesian Bulletin is published in many languages throughout the world.

In Australia, it comes out four times per year, with a fifth issue in the form of a calendar for the following year. According to the wish of its founder and original editor, Don Bosco himself, the Salesian Bulletin is distributed free of charge. And so is the Australian edition.

The latest issue has just arrived at the College. I usually place a copy in the pigeon-hole of all Staff members, asking them to use it for themselves, their classes, and to pass it on to family and friends. The ‘Winter 2017’ issue has a glossy cover featuring Pope Francis with a group of young people. The feature message usually comes from the Pope, as it happens in this issue, or from the Successor of Don Bosco. Pope Francis has issued a call to action to the young people of the world, and offers practical points for a vision that challenges the young.

Then one can read articles of interest about the Salesian work in Australia, as well as events. Each issue also highlights the mission of the Salesians in other parts of the world, especially in the developing countries of Africa and Asia.

I noticed that in the past few weeks there has been a stack of the previous issue of the Salesian Bulletin in the Reception foyer.

Please take a copy (it’s free), or ask your son to bring a copy home. If you wish to subscribe and receive this magazine by mail, you can contact the editorial office. The details are inside the front cover. It is also available on the web. Again, you will find the details on the second page of the magazine.

On behalf of the Editor and of the Salesians, I invite you to read this publication, thus enriching your knowledge of the Salesian mission in the world, and in Australia in particular. I guarantee it is time well spent! And if you wish to receive multiple copies for your family and friends, and for your parish, this can easily be arranged.

Access the Salesian Bulletin HERE.

With every blessing,

Fr Frank Bertagnolli SDB