From the Rector

Dear Friends;

There is a banner in the foyer of the College. It proclaims the special motto for this year, called the ‘Strenna’. These are words on that banner:

“We are a Family! Every home a school of Life and Love”.

Half way through the year, I have been wondering whether we still remember this motto, and what difference it has made to our lives.

On several occasions, through these Newsletter articles, I have written about “family spirit”, which should be a hallmark of this College.

Here I would like to share with you, The Beatitudes of the Family – which were agreed to as a final statement by a group of parents at a gathering earlier in the year to discuss this year’s Strenna.

Blessed is the family whose God is the Lord, and that walks in His Presence.

Blessed is the family founded on love and whose attitudes, words, gestures and decisions spring forth from love.

Blessed is the family open to life, welcoming children as a gift, valuing the presence of the elderly, and sensitive to the poor and suffering.

Blessed is the family that prays together to praise the Lord, entrusting to Him its concerns and hopes.

Blessed is the family that lives what binds it together with freedom, allowing everyone the autonomy to grow as a unique individual.

Blessed is the family that finds time for dialogue, to relax and have fun and to celebrate together.

Blessed is the family that is not a slave to the television, and that chooses programs of value and meaning.

Blessed is the family in which differences do not create “drama”, but which provide the setting where each one can grow in respect, goodness and mutual forgiveness.

Blessed is the family where peace reigns within and among all: therein are found the roots that will nourish world peace.

Blessed is the family that lives in harmony with the universe, and that commits itself to build a world that is ever more human.

Blessed is the family that decides that it is possible to live some of these beatitudes even if it does not recognize itself in all of them.

Blessed is the family in which life is a joy, being apart brings homesickness, and returning there is a cause for celebration.

I’m sure that in the course of the rest of this year, there will be occasions to celebrate “FAMILY” in the life of the College. Make the best of the opportunities offered.

With God’s blessing,

Fr Frank Bertagnolli, SDB