From the Rector

Dear Friends;

We are at the beginning of spring, and the trees are awakening and sprouting new life. Soon flowers will brighten our gardens, temperatures will get warmer, and the days longer…

In this issue of the College e-Newsletter, I would like to share with you a reflection on LIFE, which I borrow straight from Mother Teresa of Calcutta – a saint of the Catholic Church.

This is what she wrote, and believed in:

“Life is an opportunity – benefit from it.

            Life is beauty – admire it.

            Life is a challenge – meet it.

            Life is a duty – complete it.

            Life is a game – play it.

            Life is costly – care for it.

            Life is wealth – cherish it.

            Life is love – enjoy it.

            Life is a mystery – adore it.

            Life is a promise – fulfil it.

            Life is sorrow – overcome it.

            Life is a song – sing it.

            Life is a struggle – accept it.

            Life is a tragedy – confront it.

            Life is an adventure – dare it.

            Life is luck – make it.

            Life is too precious – do not destroy it.

            Life is life – fight for it.”


Life is also many other things: family, education, friends, achievements, failures, sport, holidays, exams, changing, growing old, etc. In the Christian and Salesian tradition, LIFE IS SERVICE; LIFE IS GIVING… Parents (and educators) know this well, by personal experience. And this is the example we give to our children and to our students. Then one grows and matures.

The opposite is SELFISHNESS, which causes a moral paralysis, and stunts all growth.

May the challenges of life help us to be GENEROUS and LIFE-GIVING.

Fr Frank Bertagnolli SDB