From the Rector

Dear Friends;

Another ‘historic’ year has begun for Salesian College; and by all accounts, it began well. If a school is primarily a community of people who gather to provide education to young people, the direct beneficiaries of this endeavour are the young people themselves. Everything that is done at Salesian, including the parents who choose this school, the staff who are employed here, the various buildings and programs, and the money spent have only one objective, to offer the best opportunities for a quality education to young people.

Having used the word ‘historic’, I qualify that expression by explaining that:

  • The Salesian College community is the largest in its history, and faces the challenges of new facilities, but especially of ETHOS and VALUES;
  • 2018 has been declared “The year of the young” by the Catholic Bishops of Australia, and we are all invited to listen and to journey with them
  • I share the motivation of the College Leadership to “raise the bar” in a concerted effort to maintain a drive for excellence;
  • As we enter the 61st year of Salesian education, and as our students represent such a variety of cultures, we must re-commit ourselves to foster and enhance the Salesian spirit that gives this College its uniqueness;
  • And for this, we must all make an effort to know, understand and put into practice Don Bosco’s educational philosophy of the Preventive System based on loving kindness;
  • But at the same time being convinced that “keeping the rules of the house; helping fellow students and giving good example; making good use of time; and being cheerful” was the simple but effective pathway chosen by St Dominic Savio at the Oratory – all of which is still valid for the Oratory students at Salesian College today!

I am writing these few reflections on the first day that the students began the school year.

On this day, throughout the Salesian world, the Salesians pray for those members of their communities who have joined Don Bosco in the “Salesian garden” in another life…

From the very beginning of this College, there were outstanding Salesian priests and brothers who, through their sacrifice and dedication, established solid foundations for the future of this College. Today we enjoy the fruits of what they have sown.

I hope and pray that future generations will acknowledge with gratitude, and reap the results of what we have sown in 2018.

Fr Frank Bertagnolli SDB